I'm Alana

I'm an Art Director and recent graduate of OCAD University's Advertising program. I started in the fine art side of OCADU but after a while I decided I needed a broader set of creative challenges to tackle...

Ode to a paintbrush

It all began with a paintbrush and a sketchbook. Although I loved it, pretty soon art didn't seem like enough for me.


I began looking for an outlet that stimulated my curiosity about the world as much as my imagination. I love to learn and see myself as a 'diagonal' thinker, walking the line between the academic and the creative worlds.  I've always had a passion for the creative and curious lifestyle that the art and design communities foster, but I was looking for a field with something a little different.

Come to the dark side...

...or at least thats how many of my profs and friends in the art world called it. But, I was hooked! Advertising caught my eye because, like many areas of design, it's about building relationships with people. What do people want? What motivates them? What's their struggle? How can their lives be better in some way?

These questions are what drives me, it's not about selling things, it's about a conversation. It's about enriching consumer-brand relationships and finding creative ways of connecting people to people.