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The FCB Health network pushes the boundaries of healthcare advertising and develops outstanding work, winning Healthcare Network of the Year at Cannes 2018. 

The FCB Health Art Director Internship provided me an opportunity to work on both new and established products from clients like Roche (Oncology), Taiho (Oncology) Novartis (Rheumatology and Dermatology), Merck (Pulmonology), and GSK (Shingrix). 

I developed a hands on understanding of the creative development process from ideation to production. I collaborated with a highly skilled cross-functional team in a big agency setting.

My experience includes: 

  • PAAB regulations as it applies to design

  • Print collateral - patient brochures, direct mail, trail guides, HCP leave behinds, and conference booth panels

    • InDesign - layout and typography including French language layouts​

    • Illustrator - chart design, tables, graphs, infographic design

  • Digital collateral - banner ads, emails (including Veeva), slide decks, interactive PDFs and animation - Adobe After Effects
    and Photoshop

  • Storyboards and supers

  • B2B focus

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