In 2006, the “me too.” Movement was founded by survivor and activist Tarana Burke. In those early years, we developed our vision to bring resources, support, and pathways to healing where none existed before.

Since then, one of the most common questions we get asked is “what’s next?” Our answer: “you’re next.” Whether you are a survivor, an activist or an ally, you can be part of the change that needs to happen to overcome systems that enable sexual violence around the world.


To help make this work accessible to all, we’ve created Act Too: a crowd-sourced, immutable utility that enables anyone, anywhere to get active in the fight to end sexual violence. And to make sure the story of this movement will never be forgotten, altered or erased, we’re writing every action taken on this site to a permanent archive on the public blockchain.

Act Too Twitter Thread of Action.png

Why blockchain?

You may know of blockchain primarily as a frontier financial technology. But at its heart, a blockchain is simply a ledger of events, one that records information about transactions. It’s peer-to-peer, decentralized, and once an entry is written, it’s permanent.

Every action taken on the Act Too platform will be underwritten, as they happen, by this incredible technology – so that this story of what we do here will be protected.

Act Too actions are recorded to the Ethereum-Classic blockchain in a simple smart-contract that emits an event every time an action is completed. Each event is part of the contract’s logs, which can be seen as a part of each transaction. These logs are permanently recorded as a part of the blockchain’s history.


Monument to the Movement

Each time an action is marked as complete on the Act Too platform, we’ll write that action to a permanent record of the movement on a public blockchain. And because writing to the blockchain requires the creation of a unique 64-character share-ID, we’ve transformed each of those share-IDs into a unique and creative piece of artwork you can share. We call them blocks. Each block is part of a larger image, each made of 1,600 individual actions. These blocks combine to create stunning mosaics that celebrate those who have come before us in the movement. It’s our Monument to the Movement. In this way, your action today, helps reinforce the work that’s happened in the past, while sending a message to the future.